Ahmed Afzal

Contact Information

Office: McCarthy Hall 426G

Phone: 657-278-8578

Email: aafzal@fullerton.edu 

Ahmed Afzal

Associate Professor


Ahmed Afzal (he/him/his) is Associate Professor of Anthropology at California State University, Fullerton. Dr. Afzal completed his undergraduate education at Vassar College (BA, Self-Designed Major: Third World Cultures), and his graduate education at the London School of Economics (MSc, Cultural Geography, Distinction) and at Yale University (MPhil and PhD, Cultural Anthropology). 

Dr. Afzal has taught at Colgate University, State University of New York at Purchase, and California State University, Stanislaus, prior to teaching at California State University, Fullerton.

Dr. Afzal is the author of Lone Star Muslims: Transnational Lives and the South Asian Experience in Texas (New York University Press, 2015).


Research Areas

Dr. Afzal’s research focuses on globalization, urbanism, and everyday life; gender and sexuality; anthropology of mass and digital media; transnational communities; South Asian Americans and Muslim Americans; and new immigrant experiences with special emphasis on the United States and contemporary Pakistan.

Dr. Afzal is currently working on two research projects. The first project is a multi-sited ethnographic study of the uses of social networking apps in urban Pakistan. The second project examines representations of the South Asian American experience in a variety of media including Urdu-language Pakistani cinema and television drama series, Indian cinema, and Hollywood cinema and television.


MPhil and PhD, Cultural Anthropology, Yale University

MSc, Environmental Assessment and Evaluation, Cultural Geography, London School of Economics (LSE) Distinction

BA, Self-designed Major: Third World Cultures, Vassar College

Selected Publications


Tales from Grindr in Pakistan. In progress research.

Mediated Disruptions: South Asian American Experiences on Screen. Book manuscript under preparation.

Lone Star Muslims: Transnational Lives and the South Asian Experience in Texas. New York: New York University Press. January 2015.


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles 

Constructing Cosmopolitan Queer Lives: Tales from Grindr in Pakistan. Under preparation.

Jackson Heights (2015): Transnational lives and the South Asian Muslim American experience in Pakistani television dramas. Under preparation.

“Being Gay Has Been a Curse for Me”: Gay Muslim Americans, narrative and negotiations of belonging in the Muslim ummah. Journal of Language and Sexuality, Special Issue: Queering Borders: Language, Sexuality and Migration, 3 (1) (2014), 60-86. 

From an Informal to a Transnational Muslim Heritage Economy: Transformations in the Pakistani ethnic economy in Houston, Texas. Urban Anthropology, 39 (4) (2010), 397-424. 


Peer Reviewed Book Chapters 

Beyond Hooking Up: Tales from Grindr in Pakistan. In Pakistan Desires: Queer Futures, edited by Omar Kasmani. Durham: Duke University Press. Revised & submitted for peer review, June 2021. 

Pakistani Families. In Asian Families in Canada and the United States: Implications for Mental Health and Well-being, edited by Susan Chuang et al., p. 161-183. New York: Springer Press. April 2021.

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Family Planning & Male Friendships: Saathi condom and male same sex-sexual desire in Pakistan. In Culture & the Condom, edited by K. Anijar & T. DaoJensen, pp. 177-205. NY: Peter Lang. 2005.


Book and Film Reviews and Encyclopedia Chapters

Invited Review: Redefining the Immigrant South: Indian and Pakistani Immigration to Houston during the Cold War, by Uzma Quraishi. Journal of American History. Forthcoming Fall 2021.

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