Student Organizations

How can I get involved? Join an Anthropology student club!

The following are the student organizations/clubs on campus that offer students (undergraduate and graduate) excellent opportunities to explore and further pursue their interests in Anthropology. All are welcome! 

Anthropology Students Association (ASA)

The ASA is the parent organization to which all Anthropology students (undergraduate majors, minors and graduate students) belong. ASA helps acquire and administer student club funds and decides how the monies raised should be spent to promote anthropology on campus and in the nearly community. All Anthropology students are automatically members of the ASA. ASA-sponsored events include symposiums, round table discussions, workshops, and other related activities. For more information, please contact ASA’s current faculty advisor Dr. Elizabeth Pillsworth at

ASA Upcoming Events


Association for Primate Evolutionary Studies (APES)

APES is a student group which hosts the annual Southern California Primate Research Forum. This forum, which has been inviting speakers for nearly 20 years, brings current researchers working in primate range countries to CSUF to share their experiences and work. The group also visits local area zoos that have primates to reinforce student knowledge of primates and share the experience of observing them. For more information, please contact the APES faculty advisor Raffaella Commitante at

APES Upcoming Events


Lambda Alpha National Anthropology Honor Society, ETA Chapter

The Lambda Alpha National Anthropology Honor Society is a national organization dedicated to the promotion of academic and professional excellence. Lambda Alpha promotes the professional growth and development of its members through workshops, fieldtrips, conferences, and other related activities. Members are eligible to submit articles for publication in the national Lambda Alpha Journal and are eligible to apply for national scholarships.

Membership is open to undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni. Applicants must have an anthropology grade point average of 3.0 and a cumulative GPA at CSUF of 2.5. Grad students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.25. Members may wear the Lambda Alpha regalia at graduation, and are members for life. Applications are available in the Anthropology office in McCarthy Hall 426. For more information, please contact Lambda Alpha's current faculty advisor Dr. Barbra Ericksont at

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Titan Archaeology Club (TAC)

TAC’s goals are to promote greater understanding and appreciation for archeology on the CSUF campus. TAC events provide students opportunities to become involved in archeological fieldwork and research. TAC-sponsored events include guest speaker series, workshops, and field trips to nearby archeological sites. For more information, please contact TAC’s current faculty advisor Dr. Carl Wendt at

 TAC Upcoming Events


Society For Interdisciplinary Research In Evolution (SIRE)

SIRE seeks to promote greater understanding and appreciation of topics in evolutionary approaches to human behavior including human behavioral ecology, evolutionary psychology and primatology. For more information, please contact SIRE's current faculty advisor Dr. Elizabeth Pillsworth at


Roots and Shoots

Roots and Shoots at CSUF is the campus chapter of an international youth-led community action and learning organization originally established by Dr. Jane Goodall. Its mission is to empower young people to devise solutions and take action to solve local (and global) problems and make a positive impact on their communities and the world. At CSUF, Roots and Shoots sponsors a community supported agriculture (CSA) program with South Coast Farms (an organic farm in San Juan Capistrano). For more information, please contact Roots and Shoots’s current faculty advisor Dr. Sara Johnson at