South Central Coastal Information Center

The South Central Coastal Information Center (SCCIC) is one of twelve regional Information Centers that comprise the California Historical Resources Information System (CHRIS). CHRIS works under the direction of the California Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) and the State Historic Resources Commission (SHRC). The SCCIC houses information about historical resources (e.g. location, size, age, etc.) within Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties per CHRIS standards. Information about historical resources is maintained in various forms such as 7.5 USGS Quadrangle Maps, historical resource records and reports, and computerized data. SCCIC clients are generally archaeologists, historians, architectural-historians, developers, and public agencies. Information Centers provide historical resources information to local governments and individuals with responsibilities under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). A fee is charged for maintaining the information and any assistance provided.

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  • To integrate new historical resource reports and new recorded historical resources into the California Historical Resources Inventory and manage those reports and records.
  • Furnish information on known resources and reports to government, institutions, and individuals who have a justifiable need to know (please call about access policy); and
  • Supply a list of consultants who are qualified to do work within their area.

Scope of Available Resources  

Since its inception in the early 1970s the SCCIC (formerly housed at UCLA) has been a fundamental source of archaeological information for Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties. In 1993, the SCCIC acquired built environment information which was previously maintained only by OHP. The SCCIC now maintains the most extensive historical resources information base available for south central coastal California. 


  • Reference Library
  • Approximately 7,000 records of prehistoric and historic archaeological sites
  • More than 12,000 reports of historical resource studies with approximately 400 new reports received each year
  • Access Databases for archaeological sites and historical resource reports


Built Environment:

  • Over 30,0000 historic resources inventory records (not all records are on premises as space is limited)
  • National Register of Historic Places Nomination Records
  • California Register of Historic Places Records
  • California/State Historic Landmarks Records
  • Historic 15' and 30' USGS Quadrangles