Earn a Masters of Arts in Anthropology at CSUF! 

The Master of Arts (M.A.) Program in Anthropology at CSUF offers students advanced coursework and research experience in several specialized areas of anthropology, including archeology, and cultural and evolutionary anthropology. Students may pursue three different specializations in the Anthropology M.A. degree program at CSUF: Archeology, Cultural Anthropology and Evolutionary Anthropology (though these specializations do not appear on the transcript or the diploma).

Our program provides excellent preparation for Ph.D. work by offering advanced statistical and methodological courses and research experience. Our graduate education also prepares students for a variety of careers outside of academia, including in corporations, all levels of government, and non-profit organizations. Students who are committed to the field of anthropology, but are undecided on a specialty, have an opportunity to explore options.

Anthropology faculty have (combined) authored several books and hundreds of journal articles, serve on many advisory and editorial boards, and receive research funding from national granting agencies. Our students successfully compete for a variety of national, university, and departmental awards and grants, including those from the National Science Foundation, the California State University Research Competition, and the CSUF Graduate Equity Program.

The MA in Anthropology program requires 30 units of coursework, including 24 units of actual courses plus 6 units of exam, thesis or project (in addition to any course deficiencies). Most students complete their MA in 2-4 years.

As a graduate student you will work closely with your individual MA advisor and your MA committee in designing and developing a course of study and completion/exit option (exam, thesis or project) that meets your individual educational needs, goals and expectations. For that reason, it is important that you familiarize yourself with our faculty and their research expertise and interests before applying to the program. The Coordinator in charge of your program of study (Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, or Evolutionary Anthropology) and your individual MA advisor will help you to understand, navigate, and fulfill department and university requirements and regulations.

For more information on the MA Program in Anthropology at CSUF, please review the MA in Anthropology Graduate Handbook (below).

MA in Anthropology Graduate Handbook 2022-2023PDF File (complete document)


Important Documents (for current students) 

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